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The snowball effect of decluttering

When I started off on my own decluttering journey, I could never have predicted where that journey would have taken me and just how much it would change my life.

A few years ago, after years and years of organising, maintaining and cleaning stuff we didn't love and use, I decided it was time to be brutal and declutter our entire home. What started off as a journey to declutter our physical stuff, spread to many other areas of our life.

Decluttering tends to start off that way, as a relatively insignificant act of clearing a bit of stuff, but begins to snowball and grow into something larger, more powerful and significant such as decluttering other areas of your life, focusing on health, relationships, your time, mindset and much more.

After decluttering our home, I felt lighter and started to notice small changes in other areas such as the way we spent our time, we no longer spent weekends organising the garage or shopping for storage solutions, we reduced the amount of stuff we bought as we didn't want to create more clutter and we started focusing on experiences over things.

All of a sudden with all the clutter gone we seemed to have more motivation to focus on other areas of our lives that needed tackling and decluttering. My husband and I lost a combined 50kg's in 2017 and went on to clear our debt and take control of our money.

This year we took a massive leap and moved countries, let go of even more physical stuff in the move and I left the HR industry after 15 years and made the decision to spend my time doing something I am really passionate about, helping others start their own decluttering journeys.

While decluttering may seen like a tedious and simple task of clearing items, I can assure you that once you complete one area, it will motivate you to do another and then another and then when all the physical space is clear you will feel lighter and maybe even motivated to make some other major changes in your life, moving you towards the life you really want.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck and suffocated by your stuff, I urge you to take that first little step, declutter one draw/ cupboard/ room and let the snowball begin !

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