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The Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Online Course, filled with bite-size video lessons and printable resources, to help you tranform your home into a clean, calm and organised household, in no time. 

Household management templates

You can have a clean home & Run an organised household, without spending hours a day, doing it all yourself! 

Are you sick of the mess, chaos and disorder in your home, but feel completely overwhelmed and unsure where to start? You're not alone! 

I get it... 

The house is a mess, no matter how much you tidy and you're exhausted, with little time to take care of yourself or do the stuff you love 

You feel overwhelmed by all you have to do, like cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, lunchboxes and managing schedules (just to name a few) 

Your family don't realize how much you do and you wish they would pitch in more


You crave order and structure, in your home and want it to be a relaxing space, that you and your family can enjoy  

Running your home well can be easy, when you know how and have the right tools and templates...

Here's what you'll find inside the self-study portal...

  Over 2  Hours of bite-size video lessons, you can work through at your own pace  

  50 + Tools and Templates to help you run your home well  

 Module 1: Cleaning 

cleaning with cloth

This module will help you...

  • Identify the supplies and equipment you need t0 keep your home clean

  • Create and implement a personalised cleaning and laundry routine, that works for your household

  • Identify the cleaning chores you need to complete daily, weekly and monthly, in your home

  • Establish a tidying routine 

  • Switch to non-toxic cleaning (if you wish)

 Module 2: Meal Planning & Prep 

meal planning

This Module will help you...

  • Save time and money with meal planning and grocery shopping tips. I've even included 3 weeks worth of done-for-you, family friendly meal plans, shopping lists and recipes to get you started 

  • Easily create healthy lunchboxes your kids will love 

  • Learn the basics of baking 

  • Build batch cooking into your busy lifestyle, so there's always something in the freezer, for just in case. 

 Module 3:Household planning & organisation


This module will help you... 

  • Run a more organised household, so you can ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and you can easily juggle all those household chores.

  • Implement a household management routine that works for you. 

You'll get access to these bonuses...

schedules and templates

35+ Additional Tools & Templates to create your Well Run Home Binder. (That's over 50 Tools & Templates)

family cleaning

Help @ Home Bonus Lesson and Templates, so you can get your family to help you more, around the house. 

private facebook group

Access to The Well-Run Home Course Facebook Group for questions and support 

Here's what others are saying about the Course & Toolkit

client feedback
client feedback

Let's take a look at all the tools & templates you get, inside the toolkit, so you can create your personalised Well-Run Home Binder and organise your home life! 

Important Information

  • Password Keeper

  • Medical & Emergency Information Sheet

  • School Information Sheet

  • Pet Records Template

  • Insurance Information Sheet

  • Utility Information Sheet

  • Home Maintenance Schedule Template 

  • Home Improvement List Planner 


  • Monthly Budget Template 

  • Expense Tracker Template

  • Annual Expense Tracker Template

  • Debt Repayment Tracker Template 

  • Savings Tracker Template


  • Cleaning Supplies & Equipment List

  • Homemade Non Toxic Cleaning Recipes 

  • Clear Some Clutter Checklist 

  • Deep Cleaning List 

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cleaning lists, for each room in the house

  • How often to wash everything cheat sheet 

  • Creating a Cleaning Routine Worksheet

  • Cleaning Chore Cards, for each room in the house 


  • Places to go and Things to see Planner

  • Holiday Planner

  • Packing List Planner 

Meal Planning & Preparation

  • Kitchen Staples List

  • 3 weeks worth of done-for-you Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & Recipes

  • Meal Planning Idea List/ Prompts 

  • Weekly & Monthly Meal Planning Templates

  • Shopping List Template 

  • Kids Lunchbox Formula Cheat Sheet 


  • Weekly Schedule Template

  • To-Do List Template/ Planner 

  • Weekly and Daily Planner Templates 

  • Household Management Schedule Samples and Blank Templates 

  • Celebration Planner 

  • Birthday List Template

  • Gift Idea Planner 

Help @ Home 

  • Age appropriate chores list 

  • Kids Daily Routine Planner 

  • Family Chore Chart Templates 

  • Chore Chart Checklists/ Reward Chart Template

cleaning schedule and planning

Grab the course now for just ...     


Imagine having routines and systems in place that ensure your home is always clean, you never have to think about what's for dinner and your household runs smoothly, like a well oiled machine... 

Home becomes a sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind, rather than wanting to escape. 

client feedback

How much easier would it be to run your home well, if  you had...

A household Binder with all the tools and templates you need to stay organised 

An easy to follow cleaning routine, cleaning chore cards and deep cleaning checklists for every room in the house 

A laundry routine and strategy to stay on top of all the washing 

A list of products, supplies and equipment you need to keep your home clean

A handful of tried and tested homemade cleaning recipes

An easy to follow formula for making healthy lunchboxes, your kids will love

3 weeks worth of done-for-you meal plans, shopping lists and recipes, as well as all the templates you need to create your own plans 

A list of meal ideas to inspire you when meal planning 

Templates to effectively manage your family's finances

Tips and tools to get your family to help around the house 

Before I forget, let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Niki

Founder of Simplify & Sort Home Decluttering & Organising  Services

I help woman sort their homes with decluttering, organising and better household management practices.

I've always liked a clean and orderly home, but with young children, I used to struggle to maintain it all.


When I learnt to let go of the excess and implemented some simple routines to stay on top of it all, everything changed. 


It's taken some trial and error and I'd love to save you the time and energy, trying to figure it all out on your own, by sharing what I've learnt.

Proffessional Organiser

The Well-Run Home Course & Toolkit is right for you if...

You want to run a more organised home, but don't have a clue where to start

You need some help figuring out how to keep your home clean 

You hate doing all those household chores, that just have to be done and would love to create some structure to make it all a little easier

You want to create a calm, clean and organised household which will benefit you and your whole family

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course material and can dip into it whenever you need to. 

Does the course cover one strict routine or approach?

No, the course includes loads of helpful tools, tips and guidelines to help you figure out the routines and strategies that will work best for your household

What if I have questions, while working through the material?

You'll have access to a Private Facebook group where you can post your questions and find support 

What will I need to setup my Well-Run Home Binder?

All you'll need is an Arch Lever file, plastic sleeves, 10 file dividers and a printer and paper to print out all the tools and templates included in the course 

What if I'm not tech savvy?

You don't need to be tech savvy, as all the course materials are laid out in an easy to navigate portal 

How long will it take me to work through the material and setup my binder?

You'll need around 2.5 hours to work through the lessons and another 1-1.5 Hours to setup your binder 

Learn to channel your inner domestic goddess, without striving for perfectionism, so you can run your home well! 

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