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5 tips for organising everything in your house

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

A little disclaimer, before I dive into my top organisation tips...

While I love organising and storage solutions as much as the next person, being more organised is not the solution we've been led to believe it is.

If you want to stay organised long term, you've first got to get rid of the stuff you no longer love, use and need.

If you need some help figuring out whether clutter or disorganisation is your problem, read my post on signs it's time to declutter

When you have less stuff, you'll find it easier to implement an organisational system that works for your home long term.

No matter what area of your home you're looking to organise, these are the top 5 tips you should in keep in mind:

  1. You guessed it... Always start with decluttering , it's easier to organise and keep stuff organised when you have less stuff

  2. Keep like items together, stored neared other items you regularly use together. Keeping items that fall into the same category spread across the house, means you never quite know where stuff is or just how much you have. Keep all toys together, books together, arts and crafts supplies together and so on.

  3. Fold and store items vertically, it's stops piles stacked high from toppling over and it's easier to access every item rather than just the ones on top. This works for most items like linen, clothes, tea towels, baking trays and dishes, books etc. Where items aren't stored in a drawer, use baskets or plastic boxes to store vertical items on shelves

  4. Assign a home to everything, that way it will always stay organised and you'll know where to find things.

  5. Think about where and how you use items and organise accordingly

  • Place most used items within easy reach and less used items in harder to reach spaces that you don't need to access as often

  • keep items you use together near each other, like cups, tea, coffee and the kettle.

  • Keep items you don't want kids to access up higher

If you'd like help decluttering and organising every single space in your home, come join us inside The Clutter Clearing Club, for advice, support, live training, motivation and more.

Happy organising!

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