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Finding the Balance

My personal Journey with decluttering took me from one extreme to the other, and I believe I have now found the happy middle ground.

I started out with a cluttered but organised home, even though my house always looked tidy and organised, it was exhausting trying to keep it that way. We simply had too much stuff. We would often organise and reorganize our stuff , a lot of it we didn't even use... Looking back I see how silly that was.

In 2017 I embarked on a year long journey to declutter our stuff and free ourselves from the constant sorting, cleaning and organising. At the time I started reading about minimalism and the many benefits it seemed to bring, the more stuff I got rid of, the freer I felt and we started experiencing many of the benefits that came with having less stuff. In some ways I think I went from having way too much stuff to trying to see just how little we could get by with.

Over the past year I have come to realize that like most things in life, decluttering is about balance, you dont need the perfect home, with the perfect amount of items. We all have a personal style and an individual threshold for clutter, some prefer more items in thier home (that doesn't make it cluttered or disorganized) and others prefer fewer items (that doesn't make it minimalist), its about only having things you love and use in your home (whether that's a little or a lot) and letting go of the stuff that you no longer use and/or love, the stuff that gets in the way.

My current mantra is... Progress over perfection. Perfection never comes and its exhausting chasing it, instead I choose to focus on the progress made along the way.

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